Small Crinoline from Scrap Pieces

As you may have gathered from my past few posts, I’m big on making old stuff into new stuff. I have worked my way through several garments my former roommate got rid of, and now I am making some useful things out of the scrap bin a good friend of mine has given me access to. This is neat because I can use bits of fabric that I do not normally work with- it’s a fun challenge.


This crinoline is made out of a sheer black, slippery fabric for the under layer. It was a bit wider than my widest measurement. First, I sewed that into a tube. I added lace to the bottom.


It has two layers over top of it. One is a thin netting that ends above the hem of the under layer. It is to give the second layer of stiffer material a bit more volume. That second layer also has lace on the hem, and is longer than the hem of the under layer. Both are attached to the outside of the slipper sheer fabric because I find that sometimes, the other materials can get itchy. After it was all sewn together, I sewed it onto an elastic band.

Here is the crinioline worn over a pair of shorts. I need to find a much less busy background to photograph on.


A skirt with


and without the crinoline.


This is something that I can wear with my normal skirts and with the dress I just recently fit!

Making a Zippered Pouch

A great project for fabric scraps, especially if you’ve got retired jeans or other garments that you can reclaim zippers from. I’ve done several in the past few days, and here’s how:

Start with two rectangles of the same size and wider than the zipper you will be using. I’m using pinking shears in this project to prevent fraying, but you don’t need them if you’re using ┬ámaterial that won’t fray.


Attach the zipper onto one rectangle and then turn rightside out and sew the raw edges away from the zipper so they don’t get caught.



Do the same on the other side.


Sew both rectangles together inside-out to make the bag. I find it helps to leave the zipper half-unzipped for this step because it makes turning the bag rightside out easier. I like putting rounded corners on my bags.


Trim any excess if you are like me and don’t use patterns most of the time.


Turn the bag rightside out. Press if wanted. You have a zippered pouch!