A Skirt from an Old, Thrifted Dress.

Once, I had this thrifted dress from the 80s. Long, puff sleeves with shoulder pads, buttoned all the way up with a high neckline, all-black with white striped trim on all the edges. It was hideous and that’s why I loved wearing it. This was several years ago, and I eventually outgrew it. I chopped off the top and wore the bottom as an ankle-length skirt for a while, but it eventually no longer suited my style. Recently, I’ve been thinking of wearing it again. I’ve chopped it to just above-knee-length and I’ve sewn up the split on the front hem. (It was a button-up dress, after all!) I’ve also reinforced the fastenings at the top, so it’s no longer just a button sewn on 30 years ago. I’ve added two snaps and two hooks&eyes.




Here’s how I did it:


I sewed a tape onto the outside top edge of the skirt. I turned it inside and sewed down the other edge of the tape. I tried it on and found out I had to take it in 10 inches. I gathered this in the back and stitched it down. It actually makes the hem lie parallel to the ground, even with my measurements! Then, I sewed down each snap and hook and eye. Finally, I sewed together the split on the bottom after the buttons. Then I pressed all of my seams to make it look nice.

And now I have a skirt to wear in the spring!

Back again!

I have a habit of disappearing for months at a time, don’t I? Well, life things were happening, but now I am back with more art projects! Yay!

Here are some lovely swirly lines I used to cover the inside of a journal, done with silver sharpie on black cardstock-looking paper:




This final one is how the whole thing looked before I chopped it up. I was inspired by art nouveau designs.