Built a little terrarium

I had an old fruit jar that I was using to hold a lavender scented oil, but I decided that I wanted to grow some moss in it instead. I put a layer of charcoal on the bottom, then some dirt, then what looks like club moss and that very dense, short, slow-growing type of moss. I painted the top of the fruit jar with some nail polish and set it with my other plants. The terrariumĀ seems to be happy so far!




Fitting a thrifted tshirt

I found this lovely Dr. Who shirt in the mens’ section at the thrift store by my college. It’s a mens’ large, and it is huge on me. It has sat in my sewing pile for a long while. Now that it’s getting warmer out, I figured that I can add it into my wardrobe. I fit it with safety pins, measured everything out, then evened out the side and sewed them on the machine. Then, I cut off the new excess and shortened the sleeves so they didn’t go down past my elbows.






Yay for comfy college clothes!

Does anyone know who drew the image on the shirt?

Sewing a shirt from a 1980s pattern pt. 2

Shirt is complete! It was a very simple pattern to make. The only difficulty I had was I accidentally sewed both sleeves the same way instead of opposite ways, so I had to unpick that and redo it. I think that the shirt looks quite nice, and I can wear it over some tank tops I’ve got.


It’s a very loose-fitting shirt. It’s completely different from the fitted t-shirts that I am accustomed to.


Whatever I wear it with will probably have to have a high waist, but that’s alright.


This is a very comfy, loose shirt.