Found Object Crown from a While Back

I made a crown from an embroidery hoop, pieces of a frame/door, keys, what I am pretty sure is biotite schist that I crushed into glitter, wire, and a handful of pretty beads and stones. It has a comb inside to keep it in place. It’s quite weighty with all of that metal on it, but I rather like that quality about it.


Mutant Evil Horse Thing

This was a fun creature to draw. It’s in ballpoint pen with colored pencil on 5.5×8.5″ watercolor paper. I looked up some horses and horse skeletons on google for references. I still need to improve my legs and feet (Yes. Feet, not hooves.) but I really like this drawing. The colored pencil got a nice texture from the tooth of the paper I chose.





It somewhat reminds me of a kelpie.

Drawing Warm-Up: a cave texture

I wanted a break from homework, so I decided to draw. I’ve begun to find that I draw and paint better if I first take a bit of time and aimlessly doodle: just swirls and shapes and blocks of color with no particular attention paid to making it real-looking. It’s also a great way to make some intracate-looking pieces. All in all, lots of fun.

Here’s the cave:






Really fun to draw and an interesting end result. I used some random art pens and sharpies I found in my desk and 5.5×8.5″ watercolor paper.

Gloves for Milder Weather

 I have some elbow-length gloves that are rather light weight.


 They don’t fit very well


So I have decided to shorten them.



 I like this length, but the edges are raw.




I handstitch the edge and choose some buttons.


Nonmatching buttons do not bother me. They are both very pretty.




 Here is the completed project. It was very quick to make, but also quite fun. Sometimes it’s nice to have a project that is completed so quickly. Now I just need some milder weather to wear these gloves in.

Nightgown Complete

This is the finished product of the previous post. It took me about 3 days to complete because I also have classes to attend and other things to do.

I made the chemise from Simplicity pattern 2890. It is very comfortable once I accept the fact that I’ve sewn and fitted it properly and it actually will not fall off my shoulders. The button at the top is decorative, and I actually reinforced the whole area there. I had to take in about 2 inches in the back because my shoulders were not broad enough for the original pattern sizes. I’m not sure if it shows up well enough to see in the photographs, but around the entire neckline, I machine stitched a decorative vine. I’m very happy with my new nightgown. It’s lovely and more importantly, comfy!



The little flecks are on the mirror, not on the garment.

The really great part about this pattern is that it is designed to leave no raw edges. Everything is enclosed under the yoke or the facings or in a flat-felled seam on the side. That’s pretty awesome.